Give A Boy A Gun Project

Ryan Clancy

~Was originally close friends with Gary until Brendan moved to Middletown
~He was also bullied by the football team
~Also an outcast

Allison Findley

~Gary's on and off girlfriend throughout the 8th grade
~Was bullied and made fun of in Gary's garage by the jocks
~ Also an outcast  
~Very brave and caring
~Tried to stop Brendan and Gary at the dance
~Saved Sam's life by treating his legs

Dustin Williams

~Part of the football team
~Well respected
~Once had a talk with Brendan
~Neighbors with Brendan
~Tackled Brendan at the dance to save everyone's life

Emily Kirsch

~Friends with Brendan who was also new at the time
~Somewhat bullied as well, a very miniscule amount
~ Friends with some popular girls.

Sam Flach & Paul Burns

~Both on the football team who tormented numerous students
~Very well respected throughout Middletown
~Always the allstars
~Shot in the knees by Brendan

Coach Bosco

~Coach of the football team
~He didn't put too much mind to the bullying that was going on
~Respects the football players more than other kids