Give A Boy A Gun Project

Questions about Give a Boy a Gun

~ Is Brendan dragging Gary into his plan? Is Gary realizing it?
We feel as a group that Brendan is a lot more aggressive and violent than Gary. We feel like it is more Brendan's idea that pulled Gary into. gary doesn't really relize it. It's jsut happening and he's going along with it.

~Did Ryan and Allison realize what Brendan and Gary was doing was wrong?
When a lot of the events happened with the boys and their friends about guns and bombs, Ryan and Allison weren't really taking it too seriously. It just blew over their heads. Also, many of the times that Brendan and Gary were talking about it they were all high or drunk.  

~Do you think things would of been differnet if Ryan and Allison knew what was going to happen?
Deffinetly yes. As friends we think that Ryan and Allison would talk to them and tell them that they are over reacting adn they should just chill out. They would try as hard as they could to prevent any of this to happen.

~Why didn't Ryan or Allison tell anyone about what Gary and Brendan were saying? Did they try and stop it? 
Our group thinks that they might have been drunk when told or they might have thought Gary and Brendan would never do that. They thought wrong, most of the things the boys said they were going to do, actually happened.

~Why was Gary so surprised when he saw Allison at the dance?
He was surprised because of what was going to happen. He knew that bombs would go off. Since Gary was dating Allison and loved her, he didn't want her to die or get injured. Gary was already shooting people and doing bad things to people and she was there the whole time. It would give him even more courage to kill himself if she died because she was one of the biggest things in his life.

~Did anyone outside of the school hear the gun shots?
Obviously. The police had shown up and threatened the boys, Brendan and Gary. People might have also heard the screams in the gymnasium. 

~The first shot, did anyone know who was shooting?
People might have had a feeling, but most had no idea. They all didn't understand what was happening at the time until Brendan and Gary started to shoot a few rounds and when they saw them in all black.

~Why did Gary kill himself?
Throughout the book Gary gets bullied, but then Brendan got Gary into violence and guns. They came up with and idea to bomb the school at prom because are the people who bullied them were there. At the dance while Brendan and Gary tied up everyone started to argue a few times and Gary couldn't handle Brendan throughout the book and especially then. Also the bullies, and everything else so he killed himself during the dance with all this pressure and him.