Give A Boy A Gun Project

Brendan Lawlor

~ Moved to Middletown in 7th grade
~A very bright, quick kid
~Had two supporting parents
~Hot tempered
~Hated injustice
~Bullied to an extentsive level by the football team/jocks
~Attempted suicide, but did not succeed even though he left a suicide note
~Feels everyone is against him 
~Thought he had nothing to live for so if he goes off this world he'll take everyone who made his life miserable with him

Gary Searle

~Moved to Middletown in 2nd grade from Springfield
~Very smart, quiet, mysterious kid
~His parents had a rough divorce
~This led to his mother, Cynthia Searle, to become very overpreotective
~Bullied to an extentsive level by the football team/jokcs
~Commited sucide and left a suicide note in great detail
~If something bad happened he would give up